What it means:
Any worthy endeavor in life takes a modicum of delusion to convince others to join the great pursuit. Those who manifest their delusions (benevolently) are the ones to rally the troops, create great works of art, and shape culture in accordance with their vision, taste, and values.
What we are:
A full service creative house. We aim to weave between a big picture slate of film and tv development, while blossoming in tandem within the branded / commercial space. Carrying the same deft, attention to detail and storytelling sensibilities from the narrative world within a catalog of digital & broadcast advertising. 
What we like:
Punchy. Hip. Clever. Visually Arresting. Bold. Playful. Kinetic. A nice dry wit. Good music. Earned emotion. Aesthetically pleasing. Community. Authenticity. Specificity. Pop that has some bite.
What we don’t like:
Self-serious. Maudlin. Faux-sentimentality. Elitism. Pandering. Cheap. Trashy. Cheesy. Low hanging fruit. Bad music. Clutter. Noise. Exploitation. Inauthenticity. Fleeting trends. Broad strokes.